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 Pet Ecology Perfect Litter “Alert” -
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How Can You Tell if Your Cat is Sick?

Cats are good at masking their pain. All too often, cats suffer in silence from potentially deadly UTI's (Urinary Tract Infections) or FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorders) -- the #1 reason for trips to the veterinarian.


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Don't Wait Until it's Too Late -- Get Pet Ecology Perfect Litter “Alert” and Help Extend your Cat's Life

Did you know that a high pH level (or alkaline level) in a cat's urine is an indicator of possible urinary tract infection? Pet Ecology Perfect Litter “Alert” contains a patented material that shows the level of alkalinity by changing the color of your kitty's litter from light pink to dark pink, indicating an increased urine pH and a possible urinary tract infection in your cat.

Over time, high pH levels can lead to FLUTD in most cats, causing problems like urinary tract infections, formation of crystals or stones, and even total blockage of the feline urinary tract, which can quickly lead to death. Pet Ecology Perfect Litter “Alert” lets you know if your cat is sick so you can get her the care she needs to be healthy and happy


Why is Pet Ecology Perfect Litter “Alert” the Best Cat Litter?

•   All-Natural & Non-Toxic
•   Maximum Odor Control
•   70% Lighter
•  4 Times More Absorbent
•  Dust Free & Low Tracking
•  Convenient Flushable Formula
•  Hard Clumping
•  Economical & Long-Lasting
•  Delivered Right to Your Door

“I have been using Perfect Litter for over a year now and my cat is very happy with it. It clumps exceptionally well, and the only downside is that the the small white components tend to stick to the cat's paws on exiting the litter box, however this is nothing compared to the dusty mess made from the previous litter used prior to Perfect Litter.”

Beryl Hinchliffe (Anderson, South Carolina)

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